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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pity Rihanna

I bet all of you hear, read and see the news about Rihanna being beaten by his boyfriend Chris Brown (I believe now is Ex-Bf) right? She's so pity to have such a famous boyfriend whose a famous singer. Seems like they two were loving couple in the industry.
Unluckily Rihanna seems not strong enough for the fight at one day they both quarrel. I have been seeing their news in the galaxie blog news, finally today it shown how Rihanna looks like after being beaten.

Showing you below is how Rihanna looks like in the poster.

I somehow believe below picture is real. Im not really her fan, but i stil could recognise her.
This is how she looks like after losing the match with her Bf Chris Brown. Pity her. Chris Brown was not treating her as girl, as a gf and as a celebrity cum famous singer Rihanna.

For your information, those who do not know who is Chris Brown, this is his pic. He's kinda famous singer. You might heard him somewhere definitely.

So pity to Rihanna because got herself to one bf that seems doesnt give her face. She has concert in KL just few days after, no wonder it had been postponed. Do you think she can stil wholeheartedly sing and perform in KL with this face and heart.
Wish her get well soon.



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