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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hot days turn better now

Sorry if you guys been waiting when is my latest post here,

Been busy and somehow not busy for my final exams from 16th Monday to 20th Friday..with just 5 days of weekdays, i got 4 exams in it. Haha. Pretty tight schedule for us to read read read. Dont worry, we here stil okay. In fact, reading and studying my terrified exam FINANCE now for tmr's exam. Haha.

This few days been so hot and hot. I believe last year's this period were also hot. No wind, and even if have wind, its warm wind. Feel so want to go somewhere colder such as GENTING and so on. Probably oversea.

Finally today and just now it rain. Wa ha. Our earth now finally wet a little bit and more. Its pretty big rain though til we need to close behind's door to block to strong wind blowing in. Now feel better, even those trees and crops feel better too. I think the rain god probably heard us nagging ' waa, today so hot ah....', ' what a hot day' , 'when gonna rain?' ' such a HOT day, we should be in aircond room' many HOT hot HoT keywords flying here and wonder he heard it.. Even for me, i miscount how many times i say HOT. Haha

All the best for my MBA coursemates, wish you all good memories and good answers answered !!

Just to prove im in exam mode, see how messy my table with slides and notes..Haha

My HR exam, whole booklet filled with handwritings. Snap few to keep memento. Haha. You guys can see how big my handwrtings are. And how it look like when whole page is all of it. I won't agree and admit if anyone want me to say my handwritings are lousy. Its nice what !!



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