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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interesting Facts !!!

How are you today?..feel good?

I started to feel blogging habit had instilled me somehow a good habit of sharing good things, good thoughts too. As i had installed the 'lucky number' and 'statcounter' in this blog, i began to believe there are actually people as interesting as you reading my blog often. As long as you ever click here, i already appreciated it a LOT...Thanks.. Thats why when ever i see something interesting, something funny, i would think to post it here share with all of you there.

Just now, Waisin was youtubing. Came across below youtube video. Its very interesting to gain more general knowledge. Even though its just words, but its informative and you will surprise how come you never think of this. All about interesting facts that will make you react and say as below:

  • Ohhhhhhh......
  • Really????????
  • Hahaha...
  • What???????
  • True or not?..
  • and so on...

Watch it !!!

There's a lot more other vidoes all about interesting facts such as animal, sleeping and even sex..haha.. interested to see?.. The youtube link is as below. Click it and it will bring you along with other related video.

Happy learning.....




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