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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Facebook will ban you if...........

Well guys, recently i heard my friend encounter a very weird incident related to facebook. I want to post it here because i strongly believe you will hardly to believe what i said and what my friend is facing..

Hahaha...Its like this about the story..My friend, Miss D whom is one of my MBA mates. She is outspoken, happy-go-lucky and very facebook literated person. She is very actively playing with facebook EVERYDAY, EVERYTIME and EVERYWHERE !!..since i added her in my facebook list, i had been living in the world of her footprints and happiness. She comments on our pics, comments on our blogs, our wallpost, quizzes and so what ever on. She was the moderators of any interesting topics and it always lead to huge colourful discussion within us. She was not only comments, but comments A LOT and extensively which i thought its good for anyone in her network and facebook perhaps.

However, there was a day suddenly she was CURSING facebook and in her blog..The fact was, FACEBOOK HAD BANNED HER !!!...why?????? it was such a weird reason. You guys read it yourself.

She had OVERUSE the feature !! She had posted comments TOO MUCH !! She had used facebook TOO EXTENSIVELY !!! So cruel it did this to my friend !!!

What a weird Facebook !! Isn't that facebook would be more than delighted to hear that there was some one so fancy for it and can't live with it.

Pity Miss D, she had been banned for two days already. My facebook suddenly so silent without her voice here and there all around my facebook's every corner..Missed her voice and so on in there..Wish she would be able to fully access facebook soon..

To all my friends out there, if you don't wanna be blocked by facebook, better use less the comments' feature. Errrrr, on the other hand, this is one of the most interesting feature provided. If you got above notice, just count yourself UNLUCKY !!!

Enjoy the Facebook still, don't get affected by me.. Go Go..Just wanna share this thing that you may never think Facebook would ever did to us !!!



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