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Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation time !!!


As i mentioned at my previous post regarding my exams finished, what else could i do if not going back to Johor spend holidays with my family??

Hahaha.......Its studying time !!! i shall start study for my next trimester's subject !!! Do you believe me? NO WAY !!! You already see it from my title above. Haha..

Im going for vacation AGAIN!!!! this time to a place where i need to FLYYYY again..a ticket that had been booked since last year's November...with someone, sometwo and somethree..this vacation nearly being cancelled by me, nearly only me and someone are going..

Where are we going??? Not gonna tell again..let all of you to simply guess and you guys shall know soon when i posted it on are some hints!!!

Somewhere UP on the mountain (not ON the mountain, probably middle..middle only). Its somewhere famous of one mountain where many people go to hike it, wearing thick sweaters and gloves...Also, somewhere DOWN at the no..On an island to be more precise..Its a small one actually. NOT REDANG, Not, you guys dont need to guess there..hehe.. its pretty unfamous island in THAT PLACE because it has too many great island..i guess you guess till die also wont get UNLESS you read further big clue if you ever watch TV..
Somewhere in the pictures on the net showed it has such beautiful sunsets. I hope its true and it will be as that great as the websites said. Hmmmmmm~~~Looking for clue? keep on looking !! Somewhere island where it has this simple dock and blue and green water..hehehe...Somewhere island that i never even think i would go there even though i know, heard and see this place in the TV before. The big clue is the logo below ------->
I am a big fan of this show, and this island was the Island where this show being shot around 9 years ago!! Hahaha... This time im on this island, sure will try my best to find some valuable remnant pieces that left by those Survivors..hahha..
Thats all for my crap regarding my vacation this time. Please look forward for my missing in action for my posts in this blogspot from upcoming Tuesday till Saturday..Wish you guys have a great day too, great vacations for holiday people...Wish us four people would have great trip too to THAT PLACE and ISLAND...
Bye !!!
Phang, who's in the holiday mood..


Fizz said...

Bukan ko nak gi Borneo ke?
; )

rolexphang said...

Thanks Fizz for yr answer, but i small remian silent first..let more ppl guess here, then i shall reveal the result when i back..hahaha...

Fizz said...

ceh.... hurm... ok will wait for ur updates..

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