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Sunday, June 7, 2009

You Can’t Get Enough of Transformers

Well, which kids in this world do not know Transformer? Which adult whose age lesser than 40years old in this country do know know Transformer? Well, SURE do.......Oh cmon, Transformer is coming to town finally after a long wait since the first one...
Its June finally, means this movie is coming soon to our nearest cinema. BUT, why i can't get enough of Transformers? this is the topic of my post today !!!
Let me start with why I can't get enough start from childhood memories til now.
  1. Because i was a big fan of Power Rangers (the earliest group of them) back in my childhood. I remember Power Rangers was at Sunday morning 8.30am. I was waking up such early just to watch it. Sunday was a "wake-late" day, who don't sleep as much as they can? Transformer cartoon always at the evening 4.30 to 6.30pm in our local channels. Therefore, i always missed this cartoon because i was probably playing marbles, water guns or hide and seek out of my house....So, i just can't get enough of Transformers !!!
  2. Transformers cartoons in my childhood were in ENGLISH. I was such a small kid that time. To be frankly, i definitely can't understand much what they were talking about. I was just surely and solely excited by those movement, transformation of machine into robots and fighting fighting. I think you were too right?. You can understand english when you were kids?????? because i don't understand much in the kids time, So i can't get enough of Transformers now !!!
  3. When we were kids, do you watched Doreamon? do you wish you have a friend like Doraemon always helping you? Do you watch Casper? Do you wish you have such a cute and friendly ghost be friend with you having fun with you? I was definitely day dreaming of these. But Transformers, it will be far far cooler than those. Imagine you have such a handsome suave machines as your friends? Wow.....that's cool !!! but its dangerous.. I wanna try such coolness, So i can't get enough of Transformers now..
  4. Now im big enough to understand the talkings and stories. But my curiosity so far was just being fulfilled with only one movie last time, I need to find back more those Transformers fanatic desirement back now to replace those i lost in my childhood. So, I just can't get enough of Transformers now !!!

Well, last movie Transformers 1, the movie was so breathtaking as our eyes were bombarded by so many exciting fighting scenes that you wish to see but not to live with it, cool machines that you wish to have a few in your city and even some little of romance between them two. i was hardly to blink my eyes. Do you ever say 'Waaaaaaa' that time when the Bumble Bee was transformed from its original old car into a posh yellow sport car?..I was "Waaaa-ing" so loud in the cinema...Arghh, those were not enough for us that time. We want more, We want more !!!!!!

So, can't wait to watch Transformers 2 and it's coming with more machines, robots and bombing this time!!!.. Make sure you got your eyes well prepared for this time. !!! i believe its not gonna let your eyes to rest from it.. Watch out !!!




Fizz said...

Let's watch it in cinema!!!
Stop piracy.. ngeee.. ;p
I hope the ending will be more dramatic..
I still remember how Megatron was defeated..
it was way too simple..
put a lil bit drama on it..

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