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Thursday, June 4, 2009

If you are THEIR fans... Beyonce's Single Ladies..

Hey guys, look what i found something special and SEXY to be watched..Haha..

Have you guys ever seen or heard of Beyonce's Single Ladies song music video. The dancing of hers was superb, song was nice..Here it is below you can watch it first before i go further !!!.

BUT, apparently, you guys can skip this first video. You will stil see it at the second video i posted right after it..Okok..let's move on to this below video's description.

Beyonce's hot and sexy isn't it? She and another two ladies were dressing such sexy dancing so greatly in this song. I know you probably agree and started to think its so lame if i posting this as my topic today.. This is the original Single Ladies MV..

Few months ago, a friend of mine i had forgoten whom he or she was, send me a link of this video. It was Justin Timberlake dancing with that outfit same as Beyonce throughout the song..The super fit 'leotard'...Well, if you eager to see how's Timberlake curvy looks you are :

Isn't he HoT in you girls' eye?..isn't he Funny?..Well, he was awesome, danced almost the same as girl...Hahaha. By the way, were you laughing watching it? Well, i dont know much detail of the video, i believe it wasn't the real music video but it seems like Timberlake was sort of playing and having fun in the video in collaboration of Beyonce herself. The two other guys i believe are celebrities too, but i dont know who they are. hehe..

BUT WAIT, Im not finish yet...Look what i found today in Yahoo Entertainment News today. I believe this video is stil new in youtube and you are big possibly have not seen it before. Its JONAS BROTHER !!!!...

Well, Jonas Brothers is currently the top HOT boyband now in English music industry. You guys google yourself to see how popular they are in case you do not know them. What i want to say is that, Joe Jonas is so daringly dancing this song of Beyonce wearing HIGH HEELS and super fit "leotard" black clothing...Well girls, another video to serve your eye. Its Joe Jonas' curvy this time.. Hahaha...!!!! I know you can't hear me you are Joe Jonas as Single Ladies...

Nice?..Look at his thigh's muscle !!! Guys still guys, can't be deny of having this part of muscle..!! hahaha....Same as timberlake, i never thought Jonas Brothers' Joe Jonas would dare to ugly himself up..But, i believe they don't mind..Their fans are like millions....this won't affect him, but will increase more !!!

Thats all i want to present now. I hope your eyes saw something great and funny after reading this post. Hope what i present did not wasting your time. Haha..

See ya..

Phang !!!


d7 said...

this is the funniest entry u ever post lah rolex!!
cannot go with justin's dance!!
anyway, thanks for sharing ;)

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