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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its over !!! and im back...

Hi guys,

Been sooo long time i didnt be able to update my posts here. 11 days in exact huh !!! It has been 3 weeks of busy life for me. However, i have been checking my Statcounter everyday, i still have constant visitors everyday, sorry guys..i know i disappointed you everytime you clicked in here and nothing new updated..Hehe..

Let me get the time scrolled back weeks back and let you guys know what had i been busy with..

Haha..its EXAM !! once in every 4 months..once every end of my sem.. 4 consecutive days of exam in 5 weekdays.. Truly rushings, truly packed of time to study..You may ask if MBA exams hard or not?..well, i shall say..its getting harder and harder *IF you are a lazy bum as me..haha... For me, this time 4 subjects ( Cross Cultural Management, Business Law and Ethics, Industrial Relations and Business Research Methods ) definitely cannot be harder than my life's worse subject Finance Management and Accountings...but still, the hardness and difficulties are still there..Haha.. stressfull too at some time.. for me, the easiest subject which i feel most confident, the more stress i can be for it because i even worried more i cannot do it well... Let me do some wishing and prediction to my result. A- or B+ for CCM, B or B+ for Law , AAAA for Industrial Relations and BRM wish to get A- to A...wish it come true..

Hmm, i was so busy with my assignments actually. Been such a big lazy bum, i have 14 weeks of academic weeks this trimester, i pushed all my assignments and presentations all in the last two weeks before final. That's why i was pretty busy at the end but i was sooooooo free for the beginning 12 weeks where Waisin was doing assignments everyweek and presenting almost everyweek in his marketing subjects.. Rushing 4 assignments and 2 presentations all to be done in two weeks.. Hahaha..Am i really busy? you must be wondering why am i still in facebook everyday even though i kept on shouting cursing IM BUSY, SO BUSY..haha..yeah yeah, i busy facebooking TOO..ok ok i admit.. Haha..As soon as finished all those assignments on the Friday the last day of academic week, next few days was the exam week starts Monday..Darn, why there are not even STUDY LEAVE for us..we were like rushing and rushing assignments, suddenly and accidentally its exam week..Then rushing and rushing the exam !!!Damm tiring!!!
Every exam is over, every asignments were done and submitted..Freedom freedom at least two weeks of this holidays..Hurray !!!...probably the beginning of the many academic weeks i will be free as well depending on my bum if its lazy or not..Haha..

Since its holiday now, i am just having one big activity to fill it which filled half of my holiday period. But im not gonna tell it here and now. Haha. Soon i will blog the preview out here. Stay tuned !!! By the way, Im hereby wishing all my MBA mates whose also my blog readers, Happy Holiday !!!..i have all my Iranian friends will be going back to their country for holidays too.. Wish you guys Safe Journey and Have fun to th fullest at home..Please remember to come back finish your MBA huh !!!
Ok..its end for now..


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