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Monday, February 1, 2010

One full month !!!

Dear all,

I am so sorry for such a long time didn't write anything here !! Am i busy? i guess so..Am i really busy? errrrr, i think yes !!! Hahaha..

It has been one whole month of January 2010 i didnt write..i didnt even say a HI in here..i felt bad of myself..i saw there were still many people coming in everyday, sorry to disappointed you guys if you were looking for new updates from me..

Let me try to rewind back my mind to see what had happened to me in this one month. I may missed out few !!

Update 1
Work and work..wake up 6 days a week to work work work !! arghhhh, sometimes feel so lazy to wake up early to work !!..i had been good in working, i understood what i shall do, what i need to do...but somehow in this one month, i seems didnt do a lot !!! i should ask myself why am i like this? !!! i should be thinking strategies, marketing, advertising and promotion that enable the company to go higher level !!! Damm me !!

Update 2
My best friend's wedding..!! i felt so happy to her..I knew her for 11 years and she is such a great good girl friend of mine !! She's Jun Lan.. 20th Jan 2010..she married to Kuching to a lovely and great husband, Soon !!!...i am gonna miss her a lot cos she is now sooo far away already !! i shall introduce her here one day so that you guys would know who she is !!!..stay tuned !!!

Update 3
Opened up a temporary MOTEL in my room !! hahaha..its not a big deal actually !! because of i live in Senai, pretty near to JB..not so far away from Singapore too !! so my friends whose from KL, Melaka actually overnight in my room, at my house to go for interview in SG !!! Sg is a great work market, no wonder so many people would like to go there to work..but getting an interview chance is so hard..thats why they come all the way from KL...I was happy to host them, in total so far 4 people came overnight before....

By statistics, i guess my room gives them luck...among 4 people, 3 of them are working now..2 of them directly influence by the stays in my room !! hahaha.. if you want to get employed in Sg or Jb, then need somewhere to stay overnight, come to me !! hahaha...

More updates will be coming shortly...3 updates first this time !!!

Thanks for reading..i shall keep on my feet to share more here !!..

Phang !!!


prazanna said...

wahh phang.. it is a very short blog.. compare to other blog u have written so far :)

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