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Monday, February 22, 2010

I am in Brooke's family !!!

Hi all, how's the CNY for you guys? i bet it was definitely a great one right?

Its not about Pangkor i went to, its about the CNY incidents i went through !!! but the post i am posting today is about Brooke's family..

As you guys who learnt Sarawak history before during our secondary school, the below two gentlemen are famous people from Sarawak. You know who?
The first guy in the colour picture is James Brooke. He is the first Rajah of Sarawak during 1842-1868 in Sarawak. The second picture is his successor named Charles Brooke. Then the next successor was Charles Vyner Brooke if i am not mistaken !! I am not gonna tell about their history, dont worry !!! Hahaha..
My main point today is..i am now one of his family in this month !!! call me Rolex Broke...its with one 'o'...Hahha....i am broke get what i mean?
Referring to my previous post, i was saying about the car will be chinking me i am broke after paying the car installment..All together i spent RM 1600 in February 2010 merely for the car i am driving now !!, where are those money went to? i cant see !!! its inside, beneath and invisible on the car !!! Hahaha..
Wow, cant believe i have such loads of money for it !! where are these money came from? it's my hard earnt money !!! Hence, there is no more money for me for my April vacation to Taiwan !!! Sad ~~~~
I saved those money for Taiwan, but i didnt expect i need those money during CNY !! so, i used it !!!..
Never mind, money spent, money earnt !! time to earn my next RM thousand thousand !!!
You guys too..wish you guys would earn a lot lot lot this year...
Phang ~~~


d7 said...

hahah at first i do think that u wanted to tell us that u're broke - with all the money u have spent, but then again, i really thought that u gonna give us briefing on swak's history!! lol with all the picts.. happy working rolex!!

RolexPhang said...

Dzu oh Dzu !!! whenever i posted a post, i always think that u r gonna be my first reader !! indeed !! thanks !!

Jessyca said...

hihi~ First time Buaya drop by here for a visit ^^

I am saving money for my July Taiwan trip too! havnt plan anything or book any room yet. hehe..

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