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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nice romantic wedding montage !! Fish Leong & Tony Chao..

Hi all !!!

Recently i came across this wedding montage, i felt it was superbly done by this studio.

Its about the Malaysian famous singer Fish Leong's wedding !!!..Fish Leong and Tony Chao's Wedding Montage !!

Little that i know, the wedding gown that Fish was wearing that day is specially designed by the famous chinese designer in US named Vera Wang !!! I wonder how she could get unique gown designed by Vera Wang !!!

Anyway, wish you guys enjoy this video montage. Bless Fish to have a great marriage !!!

How? Its a singer's wedding !! do you ever see this before on any singer? !!!

You can see ZChen and Penny as well !!! Haha !!!

Phang !!!


d7 said...

what a beautiful beach wedding she had!!
i know fish leong but never heard of tony chao..
is he a singer too?
when he was reading the marriage vow.. that was really sweet of him.. not even bothered by the crowd.. his tears of happiness showed it all!! ;)

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