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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The final ending of Doraemon !

Dear all,

Anyone out there at my age range, or older than my range or younger than my range would tell me if there didn't know about this machine?

Anyone of you never know of Doraemon?

I guess NO right?

I believe each of us, maybe or most probably ever dreamt that how great if we would be like Nobita could have Doraemon with him?

How great if Doraemon is always by our side rescuing us? i right? am i right?

For me, i do !!!

BUT, how many of you really know what is the ending of this story? as we knew, the author Fujiko F. Fujio had passed away !! and there were news saying that, no more chapters about Doraemon were published !!!

I think, if Fujio didnt pass away, there will be no ending..but since he has passed away...there were rumors that, the company is making the ending to end this.

Thanks to my friend Petrus forward this to me..This is the ending of Doraemon that you could actually find it in youtube.

Sit down and enjoy !!!

The final ending of DOraemon !!!

Chinese version:

Acceptable? Hahaha !! cheers la !!!

Phang !!!


d7 said...

i've been trying to watch the video first b4 comment but i guess my server is too slow that the video couldn't even loading.. lol anyway, 10q for making an entry for mr fujiko. me myself is a fan of doraemon. doraemon helped me to realize that i shouldn't ended up being a student like nobita.. haha so to me doraemon played quite a vital role to my life ;p may his soul RIP

d7 said...

omggggggggg!! finally i've watched it!!
the ending is acceptable for me..
coz doraemon changed me too..
though not all.. but a little will do ;)
hahah this kind of ending also makes me want to cry.. lol silly me ;(

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