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Monday, February 8, 2010

CNY is coming !!!

Dear all !!

How are you? how's life? i hope everything is smooth and fine !!

Its CNY soon !! hurray !! Hahaha..what's so happy? for me its like not very very big issue !! CNY for me sometimes pretty boring !! but its a great time for a family to gather and meet !! my CNY vacation this year is with family !! we are going to Pangkor !! that needs to HURRAY !! hahaha...i do not know why my brothers so keen to beaches !! this time going Pangkor also his idea. By the way, i like it too to follow them !! BUT, its 8 hours of driving !!! thats so crazy !! i wonder if i need to drive or not this time !! if yes, i shall get my car ready !!!

CNY this year is different for me !!! it is because i started to work already..which means i need to give allowances for my mum to buy CNY goods and foods !! well, i had given her !! and i was glad she spent a lot too !! hahaha !!..i am stil thinking what best figure of angpow to be put in angpow packet for my mum this time !! its my first year, at one hand i dont wanna be it too low, but not too high also !! perhaps i am gonna put in RM 288 for my mother !! is it a good figure?

After i work, i do really think i am an adult now !! im adult means i need to pay this and that !! but what had i paid? hahaha..not yet much, but my car petrol is a must, parent's allowance is another must !! i must hardworking work to save more money, furbish my house to make it nice and comfy for my family members !!

Few days to CNY, and i am yet to buy any new clothes and cut my hair !! arghh, no chance to go for a hair definitely all price are hiked up !! where shall i cut my hair then? lets see !! clothes? i work till this thu, perhaps that time faster go and buy few new clothes for least few days of CNY, i am wearing new clothes !!...DAMN, i saw cheap and nice 'jersey' shirt at TOPMAN, 2 for RM 50 only !! wanted to buy but too many people queuing for the fitting i didnt buy !! argh !! perhaps need to go again this weekend !!

Thats all for my crap this time..Look forward to update my life to share here again !! i have more to write..stay tune !!

Phang !!!


Mona said...

Rolex,,GoNg Xi Fa cAi,,,hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,be happy because new year brings new days,thought and ideas.
Thanks for sharing.Now i know more.I listen to CNY songs and I am looking forward to it ;)

d7 said...

hey hey it's CNY!! i guess the figure is good enough.. and im sure as a mother, ur mom will be proud of u no matter how much u'll give to her ;) new haircut only meaning no new color for hair? ;p pls share with us ur new haircut pict later ya.. lol

RolexPhang said...

Mona, u too !! Gong Xi Fa Chai !! definitely CNY will bring so many things to all of us !! u too, stay tuned to ur life during CNY !! its gonna blooming!!!

Dzu, Happy CNY too !! i cant dye my hair anymore, and i cant keep it too long !! proffesionalism !! so our hair has to be black and tidy !!! so i have nothing new hair to show u !!!

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