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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They are chunking me big !!!

Few more days to CNY !! getting more and more CNY feel now !! haha !!

Still..still not yet buy my CNY new shirts, but its okay !! i will still have time !! friday !! well, 2 hours ago, i just realised that CNY starts on SUNDAY !! OMG !! i always thought is will be Monday !! i suddenly lost one day to prepare myself for it..still got so many things to settle before CNY in order to let me have fun at ease !!

So, what's chunking me? I somehow feel it's chunking me big and deep this time !! well, now i had started to work, and i am having my own car now..its not a new, but it is from my bro..he gave me his car, but of course i am the one who's gonna pay the installment. I work already, i can't burden my brother. Since i am the one who's driving it, definitely i am the one who's gonna pay the roadtax as well....Well, it's expiring soon this 24th Feb !! i always think the roadtax is cheap, and indeed its cheap..not more than Rm 100. BUT BUT BUT, only today i realized that, its insurance is not !!! it is around RM 600 !!! WOW WOW WOW ~~~~ it is the first chunk to my wallet and ATM card !!

My family trip this time is to Pangkor. And my car may be one of the car being chosen to be driven there. Hence, i had to get my car ready at least to accommodate the journey !! My car's brake needed to be replaced, meter cable went off and lastly i had to change the most important and famous TIMING BELT as well..These 3 items soon will give me another chunk to my wallet and ATM card around RM 500 again tomorrow !!..ouch, it's pain !!!

Well, the car, the spareparts and expenses directly and indirectly related to my brother !! i do not know if my brother would subsidize me or not, but somehow i felt i am having the responsibility to pay myself because i am driving it now !! i cant burden my brother because he has his car to pay, his son to feed !! hmmm, its not because i do not have the money to pay, its just...just too big spending for me in sudden !!

We'll see how, and you will know how as well in few more days !! Hahaha...

Phang !! Rolex ~~


d7 said...

hahah.. hopefully ur angpow collection later can cover the amount u have to spend on the insurance & maintenance!! lol

RolexPhang said...

Thanks Dzu !! hope it will !! Happy New year huh !!!

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