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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009 !!!

Hi all..

What you guys doing in this last day of 2009? definitely for those who's working, stil working..and those studying stil studying !!! hahaha...what's the plan for tonight?

Me? its the last day of 2009, what am i doing now? and what am i going to do today?

Hmmm, i cant sure yet what am i going to do tonight..but i am now currently standing !! hahaha..

Im standing now at TM Point Taman Sentosa Jb..queueing to apply streamyx !! i had been lazying and giving myself excuse to late applying this !! now i am here..what a long time to wait..luckily this huge building of TM Point allows us to online STANDING !!!...its a kiosk for us to web surfing !! hahaha... too bad we cannot surf Facebook and MSN !!

Im in the midst of working actually, but i saw there's nothing much i need to do at the office, so i sneaked out !! Darn,,one hour already and i am still aim today, MAKE MY INTERNET APPLICATION DONE no matter now !! i want to online at home, i want to online at home...i dont want to go CC to online anymore..hahaa..

Actually, there was a guy standing behind me looking at my screen and me typing !!!..i wonder if he wants to use this pc to online something important or not..Haha..i wonder also if any people would dare to blog while waiting in here !!! thats me, maybe the only one..

Its New Year soon, i wish everyone Happy the whole year, Healthy the whole year and Wealthy the whole year as well !!!...

No time to discuss about my New Year resolution time next time okay !!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 !!!!


@ TM Point Taman Sentosa

A hude building of TM that i felt the surrounding is super comfy..lots of counters, and nice surrounding !!!


Anonymous said...

hey.. where is ur promise to update ur blog once u have streamyx at home? lol someone is tired of working? ;p

RolexPhang said...

hi mr or miss anony !! u r somehow right...i did promise to write, but i donno why, when i come in my blog, my mind wanted to write but body tired...when body is active to write, my mind started to tired !!!..thats why til now i didnt write anything yet !!!

sorry sorry !!! i will write soon !! stay tuned..sorry to keep u waiting !!

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