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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long journey from Jb to KL !!!

Hi guys, here i am back !!.

Just want to share one interesting incident my housemates (waiyan and Waisin) and i encountered few days ago. I think we considered ourselves UNLUCKY, or Waisin and Waiyan unlucky!!...

After a great and hectic weekends in JB, three of us got ourselves the tickets back to KL/Serdang on Sunday evening. The bus time was 5.45pm and we bought Konsortium bus. Korsortium bus from Sri Putri, Skudai for me doesn't seems got a lot of trouble with long establishment reputation. Plus, we have a pretty decent waiting place for us to sit and wait. He would call us when the bus reaches. So we wont need to stand under the sun, eyeing for our bus' registration number when it stop by the street. Haha. Do you agree? Well, somehow i think my two more housemates had banned this company.

Well, as usual we got ourselves to the ticket place at around 5.30pm. Waiyan and me were soaked wet because we attended a raining convo at that previous 1 hour. Usually, I never taken any Konsortium bus that arrive delayed such serious. Our bus had delayed for 2 hours !!!.. but we were being informed in advance about delay but i do not know it would be such late. haha.

The reason of that bus being late were traffic jam from Singapore, then that bus broke down somewhere in the middle of no where. Haha. The bus got to us at 8pm was actually the last minute call up bus to replace that broken down bus !!...Since the lousy bus had been changed, we should be able to get better bus to go KL without any faulty of it. So, we got our seat and start our journey...BUT OUR NIGHTMARE HAS NOT STOPPED YET !!!!!!!!

If you think so, you are wrong. Even though we have got our replaced bus finally and sat on less happily, but the story has not end yet. Just after 15 mins the bus started on the North South Highway, the bus stopped at a rest/toilet place.. I was thinking why so fast stop to rest? Haha..maybe the driver knew im actually in need to have a piss. Haha.. Weird also, why the bus stopped down so long time where as all of us already in the bus long ago..SUDDENLY, the aircond turned OFF...OPPS, this is not a good sign..As to conclude, this replaced bus has faulty too!!!!!!!! can be driven to KL, not be able to be driven to KL !!!...hahaha..what an unlucky night..

Thus, again we sit on the bus, WAIT FOR ANOTHER REPLACEMENT BUS !!!.......hahaha...waited for another 30mins til around 9pm !!!..finally got a better bus come to rescue us !!!..Imagine this, 6pm bus to depart, by 9pm we still at the JB, no no..not KULAI !!!..which is just probably not more than 40km in radius !!!...haha... that's the most delayed delay i ever encounter.

Two issues i want to stress here, THAT show we 3 are not THAT unlucky in relatively!!
  1. We only changed bus once, but most of the passengers on that bus got even worse experience because they may stuck in traffic jam before, and be the victims of the first faulty bus !!!...these passengers experienced double unluckiness and twice faulty buses in one trip !!
  2. We 3 got ourselves down the bus at Hentian Serdang, which is one of the resting stop in Highway. We aligned from there because our house were just not far away. Rather than get down the bus at KL Puduraya, Hentian Serdang is the best for us UPM students. Well, in the middle of the Midnight 12.10am, at least we still have friend who lived nearby come to pick us. IMAGINE those who get down at PUDURAYA at later on 12.40am, WHAT EVER public transports already OFF. Left them only double charged rate TAXI, our world most renowned KUALA LUMPUR taxi...Some more in the midnight, sure the taxi fare rate would be SLAUGHTERING the throats.

However, the second rescue bus driven pretty good and smooth. We expected to arrive at Hentian Serdang by 1am, but we arrived at 12.10am. 3 hours only !!!...But it should be 4 hours in common. Well, we were not going to PEnang or Kedah, but we took 6 hours in total to reach here. Awesome right? Haha..

Many more stories to come. That's all for this time. Sorry im not be able to provide you any picture on this event, because too tired and forgoten at least to take some pictures of the faulty bus !! haha..

Phang !!!


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