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Friday, August 21, 2009

Real Incident: Scam or not? Judge it !!

One fine morning (that's this morning), one of my MBA mate named Jennifer like usual walk down from her apartment head to her Myvi car which parked by the street. Everything is common, normal day normal morning. But today morning, something unusual 'good' happened !!.what is it?

She has this piece of paper written by this Good Samaritan Mr Jeffery clipped on her car's wind screen. I guess you guys would understand what he wrote in that notice. He's so kind by reminding my friend Jenn to beware of this problem on her tyre.

My friend Jenn then were pretty nervous whether she could be able to still drive the car or not because she is having a presentation early morning. Therefore, she were so daringly called this Mr Jeffery and asked him about if her car can still be able to drive or not. At the same time, Jenn was actually like to say thanks to him. Mr Jeffery was good and kind, he replied Jenn that the car is still okay and just remind Jenn to be cautious only. Jenn thought he met a kind guy who reminded her about this issue.

Jenn was then like usual drove the car to the class in one trip without stopping by anywhere and straight into UPM campus, had her presentation done and class over. Everything turn to normal. Nothing special right?

Now guys, isn't that this world or our country is going to be sooo peace and harmony if we have such a kind Samaritan every where by the street?

HOWEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..................

DO WE REALLY HAVE SUCH KIND MALAYSIAN? Sorry guys, i personally do not want to be so prejudice and bias or what ever negative perception on this good guy..I was so released and glad my friend Jenn was in okay condition when she told us about this. So does my other friends whose in the same car listening to this incident. I was thinking if this is a scam to cheat, rob and kidnap a lady !!!!!!!!


Look back to the note he wrote to Jenn and being put in the windscreen. This guys is so thoughtful to leave such a nice note for Jenn while he may walking by the car.

He is so good until he took out a new piece of paper, write it down, put into a new suitable size of plastic bag, sealed it with some small burning at the side so that if raining, the note wont get wet !!!... we don't know since when he put that note, but indeed last night our place got rain pretty big.. Is this note being written at that time he walked by or the note had been written and prepared the night before? that's a big question mark !!

Plus, he wrote down "My name is Jeffery Lee, 016-2959XXX"..he left his number just because to let my friend Jenn to call her personally to say thanks? or want to woo my friend? Weird !!!...if me, i may leave my name, what for leave my phone number? ONLY if i want to create DESTINY !!! hehe..

What happened to the tyre? is that real true about the tyre is going to burst? Well, its true..we accidentally seen this. The correct tyre as he mentioned. But this mark is so unusual and we pretty cannot figure how this mark would exist !!

Is it from emergency brake? No, it doesn't look so. but one possibility........the certain skin of tyre seems being shredded off ..Something like the skin had been purposely shredded off..Like how we use below knife when we shred off the fruit skin such as banana, apple and so on. So, after we analyse the mark, we somehow think that the tyre had been purposely shredded of. Probably this is a tactic to CHEAT, ROB and KIDNAP ladies...

Well, how do you think he would know the car owner is a lady? see below pictures. If you are a lady, is your car same as this?

Normal black colour Myvi, but....You may have so many girly things in there. That's why people would nail my friend or probably you in the future !!
I guess if Mr Jeffery happens to see my blog, he shall be veryyyyy sad if he was sincerely sincere to help my friend !!!....Sorry i had wrongly accused you, but sometimes in Malaysia..Good people is hard to be !!!....

By the way, Mr Jeffery !! are you really that good? if yes, THANKS !!!...............if no, luckily my friend escaped from you !!!..........
Beware ladies, this incident happened in Seri Kembangan...Watch out !!!
Phang !!!!


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