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Monday, August 3, 2009

Work or not To Work !!!

In just few days, i have got myself lighter and flatter !!! What is it really lighter and flatter? It's actually i have got myself "debt" lighter and got my wallet flatter !!! Haha..It's nothing special. Just suddenly got myself rich !! then it's time for me to pay so many debts here and there plus monthly fixed expenses all in one shot.

Why i have so many debts? haha. Just some unpaid Sabah vacation accounts, this and that include August rental. One more one more, my new handphone payment as well !!!..taken the phone from my friend but i actually have not paid it till this morning. Now i shall declare that phone is officially mine..~~~


Next issue is regarding one of my recent dilemma ~~~ to work or not to work? !!!

For your information (as to add some knowledge to my new readers) , since i come to reside in Serdang for my MBA programme in UPM. I had decided to work part time to those jobs that "i had missed the chance to work in the past, and i won't be working in the future"..also, to try my ability and strength whether if i am able to cope my studies and working at the same the intention to work part time as to earn extra pocket money, thus my mum would not need to fork out bigger pocket money merely for me each month.

So, the month after i reach here, i tried applied MacD nearby my house but at the end i have been accepted for below position or job. Part time Customer Relations Officer aka normal TGV Part-Timers.

Been worked extensively throughout the week where it may sometimes i had to go class at the morning, work in the evening till 11 plus at night. Then the next morning going for morning class again. Working in TGV is pretty fun and relax in the off-peak time, and will be damn busy in the peak time. However, it was loads of fun, free movie, free softfdrinks and popcorns. Manager is kind and friendly too.

However, i was just able to retain in this for few months only due to i was feeling too tired to juggle between studies and working. Also the main reason is... i've got myself this another job that you may know as well. Part-time Sales Consultant at Macy Home Furnishings, Serdang. Many reason for me to shift job.

  1. Working day : Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
  2. Salary per hour is higher than TGV's.
  3. Higher career development comparing working in TGV. Wanting to gain another part of different sales/marketing related working experience. Aiming to get at least 1 year working experience.
  4. What else? Build wider networking.
  5. Can rest from working in the weekdays. More time to rest, assignments, out to fun and so on.

Just few blinks of eyes, i had been working in Macy for 10 months..BIG 10 Months. I never work such long in a vacancy whereby this is a permanent part-time job..

Now i'm just want to start to talk what's my dilemma. I know you waited for long and eyes had blurred after reading so much, let me give u few minutes of break before you read further..Go get some drink, toilet break and so on first..

I had been thinking whether should i continue to work for Macy til this october or not.

Waisin said to me this " You had been working for one whole year, almost all Saturday and Sunday, why don't you rest now since you are in the final trimester already? you are now not that poor right now that must you work to earn that extra pocket money !!"

Thus, i have thoughts in my mind pertaining this issue.

"I think i deserve some rest from now on. Since i already planned to stop working for Macy in the October".."It's so damn tired after everyday of working.."

" I had lost so many fun in the weekends and public holiday since i start working, i do not left much weekends at here anymore..should i?"

"But isn't that i aim to get at least 1 year working experience? if i stop now, 10 months working experience may not sound as nice as 1YEAR WORKING EXPERIENCE !!"

" Will i really okay to lose that part of my own earned pocket money?"

"Im somehow can't bear to leave Macy after working for so long"

"It's gonna be Puasa soon, then will be Hari Raya..Macy needs employee now, can i leave at this critical moment now?"

"If i quit, i would have many times to use in the weekends.. at least i can do it for assignments and project papers"

So many pros and cons i had been thinking in my head...Still thinking now..


Phang !!!!


d7 said...

hurm.. what a BIG decision to make..
but i have doubt on ur last thought ;D will u fully utilized the weekends for ur asgmts and project papers? hahaah just kidding ;)

i think 10months is more or less same like 1yr working experience.. plus, it's ur last sem.. if the interviewer ask u later then of course u have concrete reason - it's ur last sem and u should be more focus on study plus there's project paper for u to take care of..

ipah and waisin were right.. u deserve a good rest during weekend - just like other students.. but the main thing is about money. now if u quit ur job, can u spend ur money just like b4 u quit ur job or u'll need to be more careful etc.. bcoz some ppl they cant spend less than they usually did *er, that sounds more like me heee*

forget about macy, they'll find new part timer. think about u.. if u dont care about u then who else? sounds selfish but hard to disagree ;p

hahah feels like i'm the co-writer in ur entry .. lol

RolexPhang said...

Thanks D7 for your sincere frank thought, i truly apprieciate it..u are right at some extend..its true that i may deserve rest in the weekend..

I think i can still cope with the money i have and the money i spend even though i may lost a part the pocket money !!!

By the way, stil thinking about this issue !!!..thanks...your comments are in my consideration !!

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