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Saturday, August 29, 2009

What were my yesterday’s and What are today’s !!

My blog looks weird if I didn't update for long. So here a brief one to talk to flow you quick to what have I done. WHEN? Refer my title.

I do not know if there is any lessons you can learn, but I just want you to relax when you read it. Enjoy !! haha.


Went to 9am SM class like usual. Got back the weekly assignment. Got mark 8.5 over 10.

DAMN !, lost to her again. She has 9. Been losing to her every week.

Vowing that one day could win over her with my 2-4 pages to her 8-10pages at least once.

Lunch with favorite famous Serdang White Chicken Rice. Yummy.

Realized Im going to have long holidays till next Fri. So, my heart felt so free but still few plans to be done next week.

So loitered at home watched few episodes of Survivor Gabon till finale with PPStream.

At finale episode, can't finish. Almost going to know who has won. BUT,

A long known friend contacted me and asked to perform a mission together. I agreed.

Left two buckets of soaked dirty clothes + blanket cover + bedsheet + pillow and bolster case unwashed and unattended.

Friend came to my Serdang Old Flat hustle free because of GPS. It was brilliant. I admired.

Packed my belongings and FLED. Haha

Stucked in many traffic and donno what jamm in Sri Serdang. Rushed to Jusco Cheras Selatan for movie. GI Joe again !!..

I had watched but I accompanied friend to watch. Damm freezing.

Left Jusco, next stop..Satay Kajang !!

Not the Malay Satay Kajang but it was Chinese this time. Indeed as what I heard before, Chinese's Satay Kajang tastes BETTER !!..sorry folks, im honest.

Ate more than 20 sticks of Satay, (fish, chicken, beef and mutton) and that was Dinner. Friend ate lesser, but that doesn't mean he can't eat !!..

Felt pretty full. Never ate satay merely for dinner.

Above mentioned Mission started. è "Guardian to his parents' house at Cheras"

Why? The security of that area is bad. His parents were away from the state. Left house unattended.

How? We were sitting all night awake at the gate. Guard and prevent thieves to enter.

Really? Yes really..

Really true? Really totally UnTRUE !! Haha.

We talked, we chilled and we gossiped after the previous "we watched, we eat and we sightseeing" GI Joe movie and Kajang satay phenomena.

Had a nice bath and nice sleep. Because of water heater and AirCond. Haha.

SLEEP!! and SLEPT till morning !!!


Mission accomplished. No thieves, no robbers and so on. World Peace !!

Packed belongings again. Friend locked back the door with many locks. We left.

Friend brought me to the famous Satay Kajang, I brought friend to Serdang famous White Chicken Rice for brunch.

I ate white chicken rice AGAIN !! opps, I forgotten to ask if it YUMMY or not.

Reached home, showed friend how our small flat looks like. He left.

It's the first FREE without working's Saturday after I quit.

Back to my pc, back to my seat. Realized Survivor Gabon unfinished WATCHED, two buckets of laundry unfinished WASHED.

So I watched and I washed. They are done. Even accompanied my housemate Waiyan lunch.

Later at night, two of my ex-UTM classmates coming to Serdang.

Another small gathering.

Who? Jo and Evein. Plus Evein's bf.

Where? The Gasoline at The Heritage. Heard a long time but never been there before.

Heard from housemate that it's chopsteak is awesome. Gonna try later.

Now what? Time 4pm.

I do not know what else to do, Felt HUNGRY already.


# My first blogspot's post being composed and posted through Microsoft Office Word 2007.

Sorry guys it is not Blackberry, PDA or any Smart Phone. Haha.










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