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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Forgiveable mistake !!!

Serdang 22nd Aug: There was such a forgetful guy in Malaysia whom didnt realised the issue below. I believe this phenomenon is very common in this country or any other country. Therefore, i do not believe this guy should be punished for this forgetful incident.As all of you can see, this guy above's validity driving license date was expired since 25th of May 2009..which means that, these few months from June, July, August 2009, this handsome guy did not realise at all that he was an illegal driver on the street. He told me that, he was never afraid of traffic police and so on because he thought he was a lawful driver.

BUT NOW, after he started to know about his driving license had expired soo many months, but he still so stubborn to go to renew it. I was so honoured and I have a golden opportunity to meet him for a short interview..Here are few questions i asked him regarding this incident !!
Below are part the recorded conversation. Unnecessary dialogs had been deleted.
Me: In what situation you found out your license had expired?
Him: Well, i was driving a car at my hometown JB rushing to UTM top attend my friend's convo on 16th Aug. I saw JPJ (Road and Traffic Department) was doing road block at the opposite road, I was thinking if i am going to get through the roadblock, i must ensure i have nothing wrong. So i asked Waisin to check the road tax and i check my driving license. The roadtax was okay, but i found out my license had expired !!! at that point, i just realised it was so many months expired and i was surprised !!!
Me: So, after you found out about this..Do you still keep driving?
Him: Yeah, i still kept on driving until reaching a place where i thought i should not drive further. So i let Waisin drive my car that day on the way going to the place we planned to go.
Me: You think you should be responsible to yourself and be frank, that's why you stop drive?
Him: No, im not that noble..I was just too chickened..i scared being stopped and blocked by JPJ.
Me: Since you know your license had expired, why dont you go renew it as soon as possible?
Him: LAZY and i do not have real chance for me to dropby, take number queue at the post office to renew it.
Me: So now in Serdang, do you still ride your motor without valid license since you havent renew it? Don't you feel scare of police?
Him: Yeah im still riding it with a little sense of worry. But most of the time, i forgoten about it when im in riding. Haha.
Me: So, when do you want to renew it?
Him: Soon, soon...perhaps tomorrow...
Me: Is this incident your first time?
Him: NOOOOOOOOOO.......i had once before when i was studying my bachelor degree in UTM 2-3 years ago. It was even worse, more than 4 months expired and i didnt realise it. But then, it was officially being re-newed when it reached 6 months. I was purposely to do it.
Me: Reason?
Him: STINGY !!!...i do not know why i was so stingy to spend that RM 30 to renew it. So i push and push until an extend my mum started to nag me so extensively. At the end, i went to renew it because i cant stand anymore.
Me: Well, i think i had no more question to ask you. Thanks for giving me such honour to ask you these questions. I personally think that, even though you are so successful in what you are doing now *rolling my eyes*, please do take care of those small small things in your life. One last sentense for you. YOU ARE SUCH A FORGETFUL FELLOW !!!...
Him: Oh, thanks. I will take that as a compliment. Please wish me best of luck on the road while i have not yet renew my license.

Thanks for reading cum listening for the conversation above. So glad to have him interviewed and i hope all of you should be more alert on this issue, flip your wallet now and check your license if it is still valid. However, this incident shall still be pardoned and shall be forgiven after he successfully renew his license. In the mean time, please anyone do not report to the police !!...
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