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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rest In Peace Teacher Nasib Kaur

Hmm, yesterday in the middle of the night, Nana called me and informed me a sad sad news. My beloved and deeply missed teacher Teacher Nasib Kaur had passed away few days ago. I was shock to hear this and it was definitely not a good news for myself and my mum as well.

Teacher Nasib Kaur was my primary school teacher. Taught me few subjects which i hardly to remember but during my primary 5 and 6, she taught me tuition too. My whole learning experiences with her was so memorable. I was very close to her whole family too. She has a son (Manjit Singh) and two daughters (Jagdish and Surin) whom i was very close in friendships. Not to forget her husband Arjan Singh Sidhu whom was my secondary school's English teacher. You see, both were my teachers.

The eldest son, Manjit who were my best buddy that time when i was in late primary school and early secondary school's life. He has been in and out to my house like a million times. We were sticking together every evening, we went eating pisang goreng, went biking, went so many places to hangout. Even my maid always somehow will miss him, always asking me where he is, why is he not finding me at certain days. Haha. We were so close till that extend. Its brotherhood !!!

She and her family suddenly gone missing when i entered UTM, she and her family moved to other place, plus her son and daughters went other place to further study. I was like soooo miss her because i had lost contact with her in sudden. Its like suddenly whole family gone missing in your knowledge. So weird feeling when see the house had vacant by other people now. That particular house was where hundreds of my childhood memories collected. I studied in there, watched tv with the children in there, hangout chitchatting with teacher in there. Hmmm, kinda mad when see now recent tenant made that house so broken and dirty.

Teacher Nasib although was my primary school teacher, but when i was in secondary school, she was like my buddy's mum whom similar to my mum as well.

There was even a night, i dreamt that i met her. I don't know why i was so emo in the dream and i cried because of too excited to see her. Hmm, she was like a mother to me too. I didnt remember what had i talked to her, just remember i was like in the drama, touchingly crying when see her. Hmmm...i never been so dramatic in my real life before...

After that dream, i was so lucky to get contacted to her. My mum was so anxiously gave me the number because my mum knows that i missed her and curious on how is she getting on. My mum is a tailor whom ever tailored for her family. My mum was surprised too when Teacher Nasib came to our house in sudden after moved away for few years.

I called her. I dont know where did i have the courage to say ' I Miss You So Much" to a teacher, but i did. Haha. So happy to hear that she was fine healthy and also Sir ( Mr Arjan) as well. We talked in phone for almost 15 mins. It was such a happy feeling to hear and get in touch with her again. She was happy too to hear i had studied so far. She told me about the children, they were good and one were not good. Hmmm !!! I promised to meet her in real, but........mishap happened. Sad !!

Until now, been 12 hours since i knew the news, i am still chickened to call and send my condolenses to the family. I do not know what to say to Mr Arjan or Jagdish, but from the bottom of my heart, i belive Teacher Nasib would hear me. Rest in peace Teacher Nasib. I will miss you. Wish your family will get united and stronger even after you left.

To Manjit whom i deeply missed too, WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO YOU?...damm you !!!



Lara. JR said...

Ohhh...Manjit mum/Arjan's wife passed away.

Deepest condolences for their family..feel so sad to hear..send my deepest condolences to them yea..

RolexPhang said...

i told above ald, im too chickened to call..i didnt call..i donno why, i donno what to tell..

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