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Friday, April 3, 2009

SIGNS - Patrick Hughes

Just read a friend of mine's blog Hory, he wrote so many interesting and meaningful thoughts and views, however there are two sentences shiningly caught my eye.

Hmmm, first will be "Do take time and read! Comments are motivating!" ..its pretty interesting..its something i wanted to say in my blog to you all too.. Hehe !! indeed, Comments really motivating me, even though i knew how many people and how many times my blog had been visited every minute. Please my friend, talk to me....without your comments, my blog will look very dull and dry !!!

Second sentence caught my eye would be 'If you are too free, try this out! This is sweet!!!' Out of sudden, kinda weird what so sweet he would describe. haha. So i watched it since i was too free. haha. Its a total 12 minutes of silence on the video, i shall say its a good one. So meaningful. I believe there are lessons to be learnt at the back of this video if you view it at different angle. Watch it first !!!

let me quote Hory's words again "If you are too free, try this out! This is sweet!!!". Its 12 mins, you can just open it small and peep it while you are working, not necessarily open the speaker..

From my point of view, there are few lessons can be learnt from the video in my point of view.

  1. 'Find something that motivational in your workplace'... People would always complain this work is boring, that work is soo boring.. Well, if we do not have any aim in daily work, we would ended like him, no motive, nothing to motivate him in work place. But you see, when we complain this or that job boring, try to find something, tryyyyyyy to matter any handsome guys and gorgeous female colleagues, nice views out of window, nice lunch set meal downstairs and so on. Hopefully it will motivate you enough to go to work everyday. For my real experience, i do practice this especially when i am soo tired and lazy to work, i will find something motivational enough as an pull factor to PULLLL me to work..
  2. 'Chance may only knock once'. We need to make sure we grab any possible chance that passing us. Do it now as like there is no tomorrow. Especially in LOVE relationship. You will never know what's gonna happen in the next minute. That people may got onto other person, sick, death or even worse.I donno. Do not regret after that. It can be applied to family members. Express your words everyday. Do not regret when there is a loss and your thoughts and words yet to be said. In the video, you see the guy just took that extra 30 seconds to enhance the confident to date her, but but but he almost lost the chance forever.
  3. 'No matter how average you are, but there will always be someone peeping on you'. Hmm, this is something similar to my personal quote "Everyone has his own market". Just do your best in your daily worklife even though you are doing something small donkey jobs, but there are actually someone MAY peeping at you too and regard you as his or her 'motivation source'. Just be confident to yourself, and you will get someone whom may recognise you as an 'unpolished jewels'. In my case, I am waiting it now ANXIOUSLY. He he.
  4. 'LOVE may exist and come in any forms of incident and communication'. Wait and see. Love is coming, just you can't feel it at the moment. You see this video, it resembles something net friend LOVE relationship or it may friendship(pardon me if i had already regarded it as LOVE since beginning), like this also can get together. Probably this kind of relationship last longer. Hmmm...

In sum, i may sound like i am very expert as like any authors..Haha.. Im just me the average one. Nothing profound. Just hope you understand it. Those are purely my thoughts, nothing related to anyone here. Haha.

Hope you will not feel wasting time reading this post and 12 minutes of video. I believe after you watch it, aside of a pretty romantic love encounter and meaningful video, you will have different ideas and thought like i do.




Hory said...

Here I am to motivates you, haha.. You quoted some of my phrase, haha... should I claim some bucks from you? haha..

p/s : starts bringing marker and paper to uni, we might have the same encounter while attending boring lecture, I am doing it~ hahaha

rolexphang said...

Hmm, indeed i quoted from you. dont so stingy la til want to charge me..hehe.. I legally okay to quote you cos i got mention where i obtain the source i took those phrases...i even put ur blog's link...

donno got extra visitors to ur blog or its my turn to charge u money. i helped u to market ur blog. heheh..

Thats all joke..

ichiban | いちばん said...

interesting... =)

rolexphang said...

Thanks Ichiban for your preciousssssss one word.........

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