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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beds at RM 1...Macy Home Furnishings... got schocked again with my working place's promotion. This time is our Bedroom Sales..We even have our T-Shirt as our uniform..This is to show how great we are looking at this promotion.. haha.. I just somehow can't control myself to share to you all about this promotion..i do not care whether you are near or least it come to your knowledge..

Yeah..Its On......

Its a big promotion this time.."Beds at RM 1" are right with your eye, RM more zero zero zero at the backWhat's so special with the bed?..what's on the bed?..You will know soon..
Yeah, you would get me at RM it worth? hahaha.......Finally i got a nice pic of myself..sorry if you are seeing this picture everywhere..
Okay Okay..back to my real topic...Its like this..My working place Macy Home Furnishings is doing promo on beds now..RM 1 for the bedframe with purchase of the mattress on a BIG BIG discount...Its so worth and value buy, until i ownselve feel want to buy if i have money..
Show you few pictures of the beds and can be mixed and match..4 bed frames and 4 mattress..but the overall price include that RM 1 bed frame will be based on the mattress price ONLY....

Combination #1..Posturest Mattress at RM 2999 with 50% RM 1..Just RM 1500..then you would be able to see it in your room already..I personally like this bedframe design la..Hehe..The mattress first layer is Latex, bottom layer is with pocket spring..The free gift for this mattress would be that two Latex pillow if i am not mistaken..Plus that LG air Purifier voucher RM250 somemore..

Combination #2 KingKoil Mattress at RM2699 with 50% OFF plus RM 1 for that bedframe..Cheaper than the Posturest just now..If im not wrong, this mattress with LG voucher only..I dont sure what's the free gifts given for this mattress..but still very worth if you are KingKoil fans..I do not know much information about the mattress..but KingKoil's mattress won't be lousy right?..

COmbination #3 cheaper relatively..Dreamland mattress at RM 2399 with 50% RM1 only...RM 1200 only my would have a nice mattress on a nice more those steel and outdated bedframe...

Combination #4..This one look more luxury but in promotion too..Also bedframe at RM 1 but comfy Slumberland mattress at RM 3999 with only 30% OFF..not 50% as previous 3..please take note on this..With LG vouchers only..this mattress more branded, that's why price higher but discount lower..Haha..
In general, Just buy any mattress i showed above, you have have purchase the bedframes (any of them 4 designs) at RM 1.......Worth worth worth.......real worth..

BUt BuT but...there's no but actually...just want to add one more information if you want to buy it..Delivery charge will be RM 80 within Klang Valley..outside than Klang Valley will be more expensive la. If you want to pick it up yourself, you are most welcome. We can keep for you MAXIMUM 6 months from your purchase date..
RM80 is cheap order to make worth of your RM80, just buy more things at trip RM80 no matter how many things you want us to send..hehe..
I hope i somehow introduce all of you a great deal. Spread it to your friend. If don't understand me, you can ask me.. This promotion is only at Macy Home Furnishings Headquarter Flagship Showroom at Seri Kembangan..not at Ikano, IOI Puchong and Shah Alam...only HQ..
Get yourself at our showroom la. Bring your blanket along if you want to try sleep on those mattress..Haha..but we will stare at you if you lie on the bed more than 10 seconds..haha..Two more weeks left start from today...Strictly, "Product shown above are for illustration purpose only by Rolex Phang. You will need to be on that place and try your ownselves for better understanding. Further clarification and correction of what i said shall be done by the salesperson"
Have fun. Have a great think of my offer now !!


Fizz said...

Sure or not? RM1.00? Kinda bedding fair is it? For real ah? no hidden agenda? any propaganda? huhu.... C. S. Phang, Macy ni kat ne eh? huhu..

Fizz said...

near Sg buloh or Mutiara Dsara got or not? ; )

rolexphang said...

Fiz, this Macy is somewhere at Serdang, right in front of UPM's Engineering Fac..U can see it beside North South Highway at the part of Hentian Lebuh Sungai Besi...

Macy Home Furnishings..Search on web to get to know well the address and location..

What i said its true..cos i work there !!!

Anonymous said...

The promotion until when? I just saw there is promotion at Ikano but only 25% off

rolexphang said...

To mr/ms secret,

this promotion will be until 3rd of May...Macy's HQ discount higher..cos its HQ..drop by to see and try sleep on it..

by the way, mind to let me know who u r?

Anonymous said...

and now what is new promo,,better you answer me,,i give you until tomorrow night 10pm
nice to meet u

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