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Monday, April 27, 2009

UPM swimming pool !!!

I have a new hobby since i study in UPM aside online everyday, msn everyday, facebook everyday..My hobby is Swimming !!!!
Haha.. actually it is not a new hobby, i swim not less during my UTM life previously. I was a swimmer, you guys remember?..Haha.. proof?..Ask my coach Jovean Yee..
Reason ?...Its actually UPM has swimming pool..that's cool..UTM so so big, but it has no pool. Pity us when training, we need to go far..if we want to swim for leisure, we need to pay..RM 6.30 if not mistaken. Pity pity.
But in UPM, it's FREE..Hurray !!!..furthermore, it's just soo soo near to my house. 5 mins riding bikes..Isn't cool !!!
I have been wanting to take pictures to show all of you how UPM pool looks like. But everytime i went there, so many boys and girls, ladies and i feel arkwark and i did not. But today, it is UPM holidays aka semester break !!!..boys and girls all went home.. No one was there when i reached. Therefore, took some pics to show you guys especially UTM swimmers who keen to and dream to have swimming pool in the universiti but have not.

I've been to few public pools in JB, been to Uni. Malaya's pool and where else but i forgoten, but i personally feel UPM's pool facilities are not bad. Strictly for UPM students only.
This is men's changing room.

Its clean and not bad. Not like JB, some even do not have doors or openly shower for guys..This is wet area where you can shower and even change. Sorry there is no bath tubs.

Big mirrors for all of us in case some metrosexual guys would want to make up or something. Some malays even brought facial cleanser to wash his face here. Weird of why can't they wash it in the bath?..probably they need to see his own face while washing and massaging.. Haha.. Same with Andy Liew !!

This is dry area...

Only changing allowed. Sorry guys. No even a drop of water for you. Usually this is the area where the crowds located in the peak hours. Haha. i bet they just change and leave. Don't shower probably.

In case you worry of hot weather during ur changing, no worry. UPM provides also fan that 'wind' your changing cubicles. haha !!

I did not actually reading this attentively. Don't think in UNIVERSITY, every language, every words and sentense would be correct. Last time UTM also had this problem in their notice and signage by the road side. Now i discover UPM's notice for us. See below.

Based on your language power, am i right the notice above has one error in Malay language's grammar and one spelling mistake in English language?

Now you gonna see how the pool looks like. Great weather, great surrounding today because there is no people except me and few officers. Haha !!

We have jumping boards, we have life guard's chair which i never ever see our life guard sit there before.

Here you are, if i am not mistaken that one is our life guard.. Well, don't expect life guard would be in a short pants, six pax, tanned skin, macho with cap and shades..No No no..they are totally not..but they just have the tanned skin...

You know what, since i have been swimming no matter last time training in UTM or now leisure in UPM, this hobby would naturally gave us a gift..
No matter you are boys or girl, guys or ladies, you would get this in different size depending on your choice..
Its ladies to my pictures is my size of stockings on my legs..
Sorry guys, i didn't managed to get same pose as that picture is. I do not dare to wear those triangle swimming trunk lah, therefore my stokings only wear till that level only..How's my stockings?..its branded one, and no need to wash, no need to take off..Hahaha..
That's all i want to share about UPM pool and my stockings.
I am not deliberately want to say UPM pool is good and very beau. I know there are many pools in your institution or in your area that has far more powerful pools and facility. This UPM pool is the so called best pool i ever encounter in my both university i studied before. Haha. No comparison. UTM has none now, sure UPM is the best for me.
That's all. Have fun swimming !!!
Adios from Phang !!!


Sixfooter said...

Your leg no hair one... U shaved ah? Or maybe wax? :P

rolexphang said...

no i didnt do anything to my leg's hair..i have i have hair on it..just it cant be seen from that pic and that angle lahh..hahha..

ichiban | いちばん said...

hhaha... suddnly see ur leg.. SHOCK wor... hahaha... sempat lagi ambik gambar ek kat pool.. haha nice

Anonymous said...

Hi..then do u noe the operation hour for student? do it separate gals and guys?...

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