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Friday, April 10, 2009

Guitar Hero Advertisement..

These few days kind off blank on my blog topic, find and find yet could not reach any inspiration. Finally just now came across these videos and 'Wowww' me..Thus, i am too eager to share them up here and Wowww all of you as well..

Well, watching those videos below may take couple minutes to buffer and watch them, but allow me to brief you by whom these people in the videos being paid..Haha..

Basically in brief, Guitar Hero is a series of music video games first published in 2005 in which players use a guitar-shaped peripheral to simulate the playing of lead and bass guitar across numerous rock music songs. Therefore, in marketing this game, they had chosen few famous people to be in the advertisement. Who are them? thats what so Wowwww for me..

First i found David Cook and David Archuleta who were previous American Idol Winner and #2.

Cook will come first, then Archuleta second in this below video.

My comment... Cook was nice, never thought he would be so daring taking this ads with only white brief..hehe.. Archuleta, your white pant should have shorter..haha.. you lost your sexiness to Cook...By the way, ur cuteness won !! Archuleta, you just too hold back..

You think these two were impressive enough? it is with TOM CRUISE with same ads..

Impressive..bloody never thought he would be in this ads too..Haha..he's just so hilarious.. Girls, i know you had been mesmerized by him..White brief huh..

Third, these guys i don't really know much. But they are from Scrub 704 drama..

What to comment..over expose of flesh huh..haha..this one not an ads actually, probably a slot into their drama.. still funny after all..

Now..Swimmers, rollers, basketballers and baseballers..Must watch this..I bring you Micheal Phelps, Tony Hawk, Kobe Bryant and A.Rod !!!

Hmmm..most sexy was Phelps..but Tony Hawk was most funny one..unbelieveable act by them..

Well, enough from its girl..more than a normal woman artiste..but a SUPERMODEL Heidi Klum. Project Runway Host.

Models can rocks too...haha..most daring ads i ever seen of hers..

Well, in a swift, you had seen a series of Guitar Heroes ads by different FAMOUS people..i wonder how much they are being paid for this.. Hmmm, these are all effective advertisements to capture people's mind and attention. Would you believe Tom Cruise would do that? hahaha..Kobe Bryant with that act?...hahah..

If you want to watch and know more about this Guitar Heroes, search it on youtube. Also, you may found one more ad by 4 old guys..pardon me for not sharing here..because of what..Cos i do not know them at all..haha

Overall comment ...Thumbs Up !!!!

Hope you after reading this post, would at least smile a bit. Hope i didnt waste your precious time and hope you enjoy with those WHITE BRIEFS..haha

Have a nice day..




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