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Thursday, April 30, 2009

X-Men Origins : Wolverine !!!

Watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine just now. Now i shall say something about what i think of this movie. Its my review, but not that exactly. It's my opinion only. Haha.

Its a great movie indeed. It somehow always a guaranteed nice great film. X-Men okay, it is blockbuster i should say. Rating?.......Hmmmm, i do not know how to rate, but i can only say its recommendable. Nice stunts, Nice muscles, Nice powers that will let you "Wah Wah great if i have it too"...pretty nice fighting stunts, explosions and so on..

I was like pretty eager to watch this movie because of its popularity. I like to research of the movie i watched, thus i realized few things that i do not know and surprise about in this movie and Hugh Jackman.
  • Never know Wolverine and Sabretooth are actually brothers in the X-Men history.
  • I thought Wolverine is the only X-Men who is not mutant. 'Cos in previous movie, it showed that he was being injected those steel fluids right, so i thought he was made into mutant, not born with it.
  • Stainless steel claws look nicer and macho, bone claws do not appealing much. Haha.
  • Hugh Jackman's head isn't that big actually. Blame his hairstyle and sideburns.
  • He can be hilarious too, but mostly we see of him always serious and fierce in the movie. Refer to picture below in an award show.
  • Hugh Jackman was actually went for X-Men casting in the last minute(2000). Luckily he had been chosen, or the Wolverine we are watching now will be Doughray Scott. This fellow wasnt be able to act Wolverine because the movie Mission Impossible 2 needs him another two months.
  • He was offered also the role in the movies The Punisher (2004), Daredevil (2003), Hulk, Iron Man, Mr Fantastic in Fantastic 4. Well, these are all big roles, probably he was not free for it. I don't know exactly why too. Don't ask me !!!

Guys, if you are to choose to be mutant, which X-Men mutant you want to be?....Me?..i choose Cyclops..hahaha..Cyclops is cool with a passion eye... too bad, Cyclops in this movie is not too suave than previous movie..

TeckLim sent Waisin a video of X-Men hilarious parody. It was so funny. I want to share here too. It's about Wolverine movie this time. Enjoy !!!

Now after this X-Men, my next exciting movie to be watched will be Transformerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!...You guys should wait as me too. Must watch....

Adios...have a nice day ahead !!!!

Phang, the Cyclops !!!


---Olivia. JR--- said...

wa...the poster for transformer so seductive..the woman so sexy..

yea must this year :)

Hory said...

the poster is so pervert... More Alien Robot, Bigger Explosion, AND MUCH MORE MEGAN FOX

WTF???? How many Megan Fox could it be?

rolexphang said...

Hahhaa..ur eye so sharp..i didnt realize it mentioned MORE of MEGAN FOX..hahhaa..whats more??? flesh?????

Fizz said...

hey... i watched the X-MEN ORIGINS yesterday in Mid... agree with u ... the muvee was damn good la... haha... i really enjoyed every scenes in the muvee... Hey Phang! if u choose to be Cyclops, i choose to be Wade... muahahaha...ecxept for that sewn mouth... No la no la.. i wanna be that diamond chic.. kayla's sis.. she's got blink2, tough and bullet proof bod.. how good if i can have all the diamonds eh? am gonna be the richest gal in Malaysia...

rolexphang said...

Its great Fizz if u wanna be the diamond girl and wanna be the richest girl in Malaysia..but u have to make sure ur diamond on ur body can be removed and being pawned first..or u wont be able to sell it..Haha.. I wanna choose Wade too in the beginning, he was sooo suave and macho with the samurai blades..just at last rejected him when i saw he look ugly at the end..Haha..

enjoy huh FIzz...

Jitters said...

I wonder if Hugh (Huge) Jackman will be able to be anything but Wolverine now that so much of his career has been consumed by this role

rolexphang said...

u r true Mr/Ms Jitters..Hugh Jackman may not be something or anything without this Wolverine. He had been holding this role for almost 10 years. U can see yahoo news, always have him saying how this role had changed his life.

I believe being actor or actress is like this. We need to grab every chance that come to us. If Leornardo Dicaprio was not lucky and his role in Titanic may have become Matthew MacCanoughey's big masterpiece. Leo was so lucky because James Cameron insisted him. Lucky Neo in Matrix got his role too. Or we wont know much who he is..

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