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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My vacations summary !!

Dear all,

Good day yeah !! hope everyone doing good. In this beautiful day, my topic is My Vacations Summary. hahaha. Recently, many of my friends had been envying me..Opps, am i right the spelling of ENVYING? what ever.. envying me about i had been to so many places even though i am still studying !! then i would say, where got?

but when think twice, it is somehow true !!! hehehe... some will ask. "where you got so much money to travel? you are just student".... well, its true again..i was just student, where i got such money to travel holiday so much? Hahaha...

Well, in this post..let me guide you all through where i had been to..all these places i FLEW with bias.. i didnt regard those places i went with cars as my vacations for examples twice to Melaka, once to Banting and countless times of Genting..hehe..

Date period May 2008 to Nov 2009. Let me put it 1.5 years. The time where i had just finished my Bachelor Degree til i finished my Master Degree.

THAILAND. With Waisin, Jovean and JongPing.

We flew from LCCT to Bangkok, travel all by our own at there.

A temple along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok. Wat Arun temple.

On the boat heading to an island named Koh Larn at Pattaya.
Got a taxi to bring us to Pattaya.

Chaweng Beach, one of a famous beach in Koh Samui.
Travelled almost 12hours by bus and ferry to reach Koh Samui. After that, we took another almost 12 hours to take train back to Penang Butterworth.
PULAU LANGKAWI. with Waisin, Pouya and Rizki.
We flew from LCCT again to Langkawi.
Sorry, no group pic to indicated we were there except this. haha.
Then we took ferry from Langkawi to Penang.

Bukit Bendera, Penang. After that we flew back LCCT.
SABAH. With Waisin again. Haha, Jennifer and Xinyi.
Fly to KKIA, Waisin drove approximately 100km to from KK to reach Kuala Penyu for Pulau Tiga trip.
Survivor Island (Pulau Tiga). An island where world famous reality show Survivor we shot.
After that, 100km back Kota Kinabalu. Another 100km roadtrip to Kundasang for Mount Kinabalu.
Awesome Sabah trip. Flew back from KKIA to LCCT.

PULAU LANGKAWI. Second time. With Ben, Nic, JunHwa, Helen, Xinyi and Debra.
Fly from LCCT to Langkawi again..

Went to almost all the same place like first trip, but different feeling with different people. Awesome trip again. Rented a Mitsubishi Grandis for the Langkawi roadtrip !! hahaa. Hired Airasia pilot, flew us back LCCT. hehe.

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City + Cambodia, Phnm Penh and Siam Reap. With Waisin once again and Xinyi.
Flew from LCCT to Ho Chi Minh airport.
In the Ho Chi Minh airport. Their tourism advertisement board.
Took 6 hours bus across the border to Phnom Penh. Sorry i forgoten to upload Phom Penh picture, please refer my facebook pics.

Got myself to Siam Reap after 6 hours bus from Phnom Penh !! Angkor Wat is in the picture. Amazing backpacking trip. Flew back LCCT from Siam Reap airport.
Hmm, thats all my summary. These are the places i went with my friends in just a small 1.5 years. I didnt know would be this far away until i really counting them.
Back to the questions, How do i get so much money to go since i am a student? first of all, thanks a lot to Airasia. Thanks for sponsorin all my flight tickets. Hahaha. Fat Hope!!! With Airasia, anyone can fly. Its true !!! without Airasia, we wont have such cheap tickets to fly.
Travelling expenses, where do i get? Well...Thanks PTPTN !! sponsored my trips too !!!..this time is true. I got all my trips financed from PTPTN loan and not to forget my savings. I worked part time, dont you forget. I worked two part times while i was studying my MBA. So i got it saved from there. That's why i have money.
I do not know why all above paragraphs would stick together even though it was not like this when i composed it. Thats why i need to put different colour to let you guys could see it better.
No matter how, i had finished talk !! hope you enjoyed reading me.
Look out for my next posts !!!
Phang ~


d7 said...

omg rolex.. did u noticed that in all the picts above ur expressions were all the same? only in diff. poses and of course, diff. places.. haiyoo.. ;p plus, we can see the weight that u've gained from the 1st til the end pict.. hahaah
wai sin look so cute in the first few picts in thailand - with his hairstyle.. really like siamese lah!! lol

RolexPhang said...

well...i dont see i changed a lot..perhaps in waist size !! hahaha....but i saw waisin changed a lot...but indeed, we both gained weight since we study mba !!... waisin were so bold, he changed that hairstyle in bangkok !! hahaha...

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