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Friday, December 25, 2009

merry Xmas !!!

Hi all,

Hows your days? i wonder everytime i start my blog will be this question, do you actually answer me in your heart that you are good or not? hahaha..i hope you are doing fine and great everyday !!..

Its Xmas today !! Hurray..its a great and enjoyable festive season, how do you spend it? who are you spending with?

By the way, i want to wish this first.....

Merry Christmas my friends !!! Hahaha..i admit i am so lame !!...but what have i done today? who i am spending with?

Well, its Xmas today and i do not have to work, do you think i will sit at home whole day? sure two best girl friends (June and Nana) are in Senai...definitely i will want to meet them two !!!

early in the morning, we went for movie..Haha..Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 !! it was a nice movie for me though !! the Chipettes were HOTTTTTTTT...hahahah.. enjoyable movie i shall say, but June and Nana said it was not as great as first one !!

Watched the movie at a very forbidden cinema...U-Mall's MBO cinema at Taman Universiti Skudai..i chose this cinema purposely, just to avoid traffics and long queue at the city !! today is public holiday okay, sure Tebrau City will be having 1KM long queue for sure....Its a new cinema, new seat, new facilities...overall acceptable service lah..its cheaper in its tickets too !! few minutes, we had got our tickets, and good seats somemore.. hustle free !!!

After movie, we went to Secret Recipe, ordered two pots of organic tea !! hangout and chill out !! of the topic was the 'ghost encounters' of my Serdang flat to them two !! hahaha...

In overall, nothing much things i had done with my two girl friends !! haha..just simple meet up and hangout !! but it meant a lot is better than i am home, didnt go out !!! at least i watched a movie i wanted to watch !!...damm, i had missed 2012 !!

Actually the Christmas day has not even end yet, but i already end it just now after i sent them two home !!..haha..then i came to this cyber cafe to online as LONER !! hahaha..i shall go home soon to be my mother's good boy !...Thats all for my meaningless, pointless xmas story !!! hahaha...

My apology for my profoundless post this time, but i hope it was not wasting your time to read it..if you are expecting these title of posts as below, then you shall wait until i got my streamyx line installed in my room..

Soon to be written titles of the posts:

  1. My working life ...VS... My student life..
  2. What am i doing after i graduated?
  3. Am i following my heart to this? are you gonna be like this permanently?
  4. Unemployment crisis..what happen to me, why no one hires me?
  5. ???.............??? (you readers can fill the space, you can name me any title that you want to hear from me..i will write for you exclusively...)

The reason i didnt be able to update my blog so often recently because my house doesnt have internet line. I always online here in facebook, msn and blogger at the cyber cafe near my house..well, in this cyber cafe, i dont feel like blogging..i dont know why..thats why !!!

I strongly believe, after i install the streamyx soon, i can resume my blogging life...i have a recent aim..i wish to become a celebrity bloggers like them.. and ... i am a crazy fan of them both !! Kennysia is Malaysia's Top Blogger, Xiaxue is Singapore's Top Blogger...learning to become like them !! anyone knows the way, teach me please !!!

Okok..i shall end my this blog here. Wish everyone have a great day !


Rolex Phang !!!


d7 said...

hey hey.. u should be grateful la on xmas u still have fun what.. watching Chipmunks Squeakquel!! ;p at least u're not all alone at home what.. haha that part - my mother's good boy was cute ;p for entry no 5 - can u share with us the ghost encounters? back then at ur flat in serdang.. would love 2 know bout it too.. and hey, i did request weeks ago about ur bday celebration la.. ur wishes.. owh and maybe u can blog about 2010 ;) hehe btw, i really hope ur wish 2 be one of msian top bloggers will come true.. ;) tc

RolexPhang said...

thanks miss D7...i shall blog about the ghost encounter at Serdang !! haha..not my encounter, but my housemate, but relating to me !!!

I will take note about my new year resolution too, but usually i never make resolution every year..i dont know its effectiveness la !!..anyway, i will try !!!

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