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Friday, October 2, 2009

Random pictures ~~~

Hi guys,

How are you? It has been pretty busy month of mine, and its going to be a hectic month of October..So many assignments, so little time..

By the way, been pretty long time didnt update my blog..let me post this specific topic, no specific profound meaning..just plain i taken here and there...most of it, its taken from my facebook tagged pics...solely to show who's around me, what i had done since not long ago !!!

Sit back and telling you the stories behind each of the pics !!! random random, not in cronology order..
Went to an Iranian grocery stores at Serdang Perdana, bought this Iran imported choco milk..can you understand the expiry date?
One of the luxury condo at Serdang named East Lake Condo. But still its downstair would happen this incident? !!!!

See the wall also can know its Melaka...seriously, this state is a very hot hot hot state !!!! cloud one !!

One night of Azreen at my place celebrating her birthday 2009!!!...with her Bangi sistazs whom i always see in facebook, but suddenly pop out appearing at my house !!
Im with two lovely one of mine !!!...Azreen the taller, and Ainaa the tiny one !!!

I had never celebrate a pair of twin friends' birthday !!!.. Benjamin and Daniel 2009 GreenBox.

BBQ pic of mine. Pretty like it, snapped so close yet flaws all still hidden !!!

A BBQ where everyone has only ONE plate. Got to write our name on it !! name with a drawing lollipop !!
Broga Hill, Semenyih is pretty nice. Climbed up started at clock 0540 if im not mistaken.

The sun had rose high !! but i was attempting to eat it like burger. Haha. Broga Hill.

Look at its blue sky !!..

I felt i look great in this pic. With greenie grass and great sunlight !!!..

Artistic pic of ours. taken by Nic. Broga Hill. You see the shape and you will know its me.

There is actually cow with rabbit tooth in this world, but its not a real one !! at a temple in Banting..forgoten what's the temple name.

It is a beach and sea behind us. Pantai Morib, Selangor. Do you see the sea water and its wave? It's like a kilometer away !!!!

My housemates and i (Waisin and Waiyan) were attending a talk in Hilton, KL. A fan came approached us to take pic. His name is Daniel.

Suddenly anothe fan named Jennifer came. We were still sitting there for pic taken. Haha..

Actually, that lady and gentleman are our MBA friends. Haha. but i dont know if they are our fans or not.

Here they are, sitting in front of us. Hilton, Kl prepares us a black STRESS ball. For us to squeeze, grab and play when the speaker speaks too boringly !!!

A chip/token from KLIA..not for playing bumper car, not for playing amusement centre's game. Its KLIA parking chip/token. KLIA no more playing parking tickets.

Went to Jb clubbing with my two ladies named June and Nana. JB's de'bali. Johorean said its a sucks place. Haha..

Kota Tinggi Waterfall, Johor. Little reunion with ex-coursemates KwangSoon and TeckLim. OMG, look at my flat chest !!! You almost see my spareribs.

Small eye TeckLim's birthday. Simply celebrate for him with...

One carrot cake, and 3 brownies with ice creams. Its pretty a beau cake we had combined !! Secret Recipe..
That's all for this edition of random pics. I know your eyes had got tired !!! hahaha...Look out my next post..

Have a nice day..


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