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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Im home~

Dear all~

Been having few blog post in pending, but do not have the right feel and time to complete them to share with you guys, but let me slot in this one for you guys first.

By the way,

How are you? been good and healthy? Hope all of you for sure steady and healthy..Its festive season again. One of the biggest celebation in our country, have you go home yet?
Yes i did. I came back to my home yesterday. Im home now. Er, not exactly now. I am actually in a cyber cafe near my house. My house does not have any pc + internet connection for me, that's why i am here to cure my addict of surfing the internet.
I took a picture of my lovely home. Isnt it romantic one? i felt so cosy everytime i come home. What a nice combination of wall colours, sofas, cushions, lighthings and so on. Opps, i had forgoten to do something on it. Please tell me that you dont see those IKEA price tags on each items. Hahaha. Its actually one of the section of Ikea Greece. Not my house.
On my way travelling home from KL to JB, this time really feel more than previous year. I had forgoten what had i saw last year, but this year start from Serdang KTM, i had seen so many young malay people with big and small luggages. When i reach Bukit Jalil to take my Transnational bus, i saw even more people especially malays waiting bus under the temporary tents. When i reach Sri Putri, Skudai, JB...i saw even more more moe students and people with their small big medium bags and bags waiting for their bus. Owhh, this is what we call BALIK KAMPUNG ( return to hometown ). I wonder how would i didnt see this last year? Haha.
It was just wednesday yesterday, so many universities started to release the students huh. Or those students skipped their class? Haha. I am able to back home because we had class replacements. Haha.
Thats all for my simple post today. Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends no matter what race are you. We are malaysian, and we celebrate all festive seasons together. Don't play fireworks too much okay, i had read two kids already lost one eye and whole left hand fingers. Watch your kids at home. Watch your hands. Watch the fire !!! careful.
Look out for my next post soon. Its regarding my short trip to Iran and hiking experience to Selangor most famous Broga Hill. See you guys soon when i back on my MBA seat this saturday night.


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