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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

20 things of mine !!! How about you?

Fliping through my own facebook profile, found this note that i posted some time ago. Thus, sharing here what are my 20 things that still valid and worth to be shared here in case many of you had missed this in my facebook...

Rules: Here's my "20 things" list. If I tagged you, you are supposed to write a note with 20 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. Since the days i know what is height measurement, i only remember form 1 i got 158cm, then 183cm, then 185cm and now 187cm (the time from form 1 til form 6)..i donno why i didnt remember i got height in between these figure.

2. I can eat a lot, usually will eat the food til finish no matter soup noodle or curry..if i cant finish it at any time, it means that food is too NOT TASTY or im in bad mood..

3. I once day dreaming that i wish to become The Bachelor in the "The Bachelor" TV show.. and i had even appointed who are that 3 of my best female friends to evaluate which girl suits me the most. hehe..

4. I fixed myself a vision when i was at year 3 bachelor degree. My vision was to be "Young, Rich and Handsome"..hahaha..working hard towards it..

5. Many significant visible phisical thingy that i have which less people would have at one person. A gangster scar on my right cheek, Teeth gap, big mouth, ugly fingernails, many scars and pimples on my body skin, long legs ( tall height), big and wide feet...opps, i seems had told out all my bad points.

6. Tall height brings me few troubles. Tall means big feet. Hard to buy size of 11 or size 45 shoe and slipper. Cant fit in common bus seat's space ( cos long legs) and almost reach the roof of the bus, so i would bump on the hand grips or door.

7. I have only one password for all of my online accounts. Same password for my both ATM pin number. Lazy to think different one.

8. Like dark blue colour since form 1. Donno why i would sometimes hope everything of mine would be blue. I a blue maniac. I dont like something if its not blue.

9. Never think i would study this high. Never get good grades in school since form 1 or kindergarten perhaps.

10. Like to spend money to buy those pimple creams, toners, masks and so on from watsons and guardians.

11. Dont tidy things include fold blankets, tables and cupboard. Lazy to fold clothes properly.

12. Look like a sport athlete, but NO in real.

13. Like to watch reality shows such as Survivors, Amazing Race, Apprentice and America's Next Top Model. As long as the series eliminate people every episode, then im keen to watch. i donno why.

14. Dont really brush teeth before sleep. But must brush when wake up in the morning.

15. Swim naked in the sea before with two other guy coursemates at Koh Samui, Thailand.

16. Hate accounting, Finance, Economics and Math. These calculations subjects really annoyed me. Im bad in numbers and FIGURES..hehe..

17. The name SEXAY not means im a sex maniac. It actually comes from a wrestler name Grandmaster Sexay in WWF last time.

18. Didnt really chew food. I usually chew it few times then i will swallow it. Its not good fir digestion..i know..

19. Regard handphone is my important gadget. Must have nice and lookable handphone. Cannot downgrade it from the current one.

20. Afraid to be lonely, but sometimes would feel really want to be alone.

Now you had read about me, and you are now officially been TAGGED !! hahaha..yeah, that you..YOU ARE TAGGED...write one about ur 20things back !!!..

Hope you are at least an inch nearer to me now as you know more about me already !!..

Have a nice day..




Mona said...

...phang,,,,you are so tricky,,I was not in a good mood at all,,,so i just wanted to do anything except studying LAW.....Malaysian LAW..OMG...really not in mood ,,I read ,,,,so no choice,i have been tagged..I am not sure anybody interested to know about things related to me,,but...for me....
1-although having so many friends,i sometimes feel lonely.
2-when I want to be a little bit naughty,I feel my mom is watching me.
3-During exams of my whole life,i could study and get better scores,,but i always say i know enough to pass,,so that's enough.
4-I like sports but.....
5-I always thought being above 25 is so old.hehehe
6-In my entire life,I always had one goal..being I think it's too general...i should change it to a more specific one,so one day i want to write a life plan,like a marketing plan.
7-I always like to have a blog,but do not dare to share .
8-I hate exams but since 7 until now,i had nonstop exams ,I have been to 5 universities by now.Didn't graduate all of them ;)
9-whenever i buy something new,i say to myself "it's the last thing i buy ,i have to save"
10-scared of all alive creatures except humans...hahaha,,,I am even scared of small cats.
11-I sometimes can eat a lot,,and it surprise my friends,,they tell me ,,"wow,you eat a lot"
12-I hate eating alone.
13-can not choose a color as my favorite.if you ask me about it,i just look at your shirt and say its color.
14-some people can hug and kiss their parents and express their feelings and appreciation for them,,I deeply wish,I also could...
15-I do not enjoy soap operas,do not like to wait one week for the next episode to see what will happen next,,so i never watch.
16-I used to spend so much time in front of mirror wearing i spend much much less,,but i am not sure is it because i do not care that much or is it because i am experienced.
17-I have a wonderful memory for remembering events in the past,,you can ask me every detail the first time you met me.
18-I want to visit at least 15 more countries in my life.
19-I attended meditation session,,but couldn't meditate even for one second,so i lied to the trainer.
20-.....I hope i pass my today exam.....
thanks for reading :) have a nice day!

RolexPhang said...

Thanks mOna for your 20 things !! u having such bug efffort..thanks thanks,,,ur 20 things all are great one !!!

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