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Friday, October 16, 2009

It has been changed !!

Dear all,

Good day !! How are you? Wish everything goes fine !!
Me? am i good and fine? Yes i am..still alive !! Referring to my previous post, i said TWO WEEKS left right? Now let me say..ONE WEEK week's today, i shall be freedom !!!
One week, i had been busying with my project paper..i guess almost all of us had been played around by our beloved faculty regarding our project submission date. Suddenly said 19th Oct, then they said can be i slowed down my pace to finish it...then suddenly rumours said ALL MUST submit it on 19th Oct, if not you have to pay RM 1500..after i confirmed this notice two days ago with office, almost all of us SHOCKED and rush our project LIKE HELL...
We rushed like hell, suddenly this morning received message saying submission date extended. hurray !! slowing my pace, but my heart still wanting to finish it soon..Haha..
Stop that annoying project paper crap..
I actually want to tell about this new template. I had been wanting to have a simple yet look nice template. I wonder why my previous blue colour template has no one give comments on my post.. Only till my friend Dzu asked me, then i realised that template cannot leave comments even though there is the link of it. Pity me, logging in my blog every day to see if i have comments or not.
Worry no more ~~~~~~ i changed to this one, i pretty like this template....and you can leave comments... welcome you to mock me, shoot me and comment me..
Actually i got inspire by this simple white template from my friend's blog. . I guess this template gives comfy feeling while reading the blog content right? Next renovation of my blog is, i want to make a nice header picture. You better stay tune !! haha..
Its Deepavali..i think i do not have a lot Hindu's readers. If yes, HI THERE !!!...
Wishing everyone, Happy Deepavali 2009 !!
A cute elephant for you !!!
I think i talked too much again in this post..Last but not least, sharing this below picture..Nice? i posted in my facebook before, now i show here in case you had missed it !!.....
Its my resume picture. Taken impromtu at my house in an evening using my camera phone. Little that you know, i was only wearing half formal on upper body, but short pant on bottom..
What? my face look smooth? Hahah..yeah yeah, it is edited !! by Waisin !!!...where? Haha, im not gonna tell you ~~~
Thats all folks.....

Phang !!


Anonymous said...

haha,,,,nice ,thanks for reminding us that you guys can also look great by wearing formal....sorry we are a little forgetful ,,need reminders...hahaha

d7 said...

Happy Diwali 2 u 2 Rolex ;)
this new tempelate totally different.. i mean doesnt represent u at all ;p
very decenttttt.. but i like it anyway ;)
yaaaaaa u should change ur header picture & placed ur own picts at diff places u went on vacation..

about the pict, im sure everybody will impressed but for someone who doesnt even know u and see ur pict there.. and then gonna interview u and see the real u.. what will they think? heheee just my 2 cents.. just ignore it ok ;p

Mona said...

this picture is not like a gangester any more,,, this one "sophesticated".,,your resume will be accepted ,good luck :)

RolexPhang said...

Thanks everyone for the happy to see THERE ARE COMMENTS for me !!!

Mr/Ms Anonymous, i donno who r u and u all but the way, i am only showing my own formal pic, who else u r mentioning since u said YOU GUYS !! hahhaa...

Dzu, im in the process in making an unique header picture..unique one that has my face in there..u shall see soon, but not recent.. Haha..Hope that resume pic will draw good opportunity. if i can get interview, sure they will be impressed !! haha

Mona, Waisin and me, who looks more gangster? him rite? hahaha...thanks for praising my pic, i truly appreciate ur luck !! thanks !!!

RolexPhang said...

one more thing to replenish my point to Dzu, the reason this template is changed to this..cos im not young anymore..cant u see, my back leg is almost OFF the university's platform..and my front leg is stepping into adult career life..

so, change to a decent one which is simpler and straight to the style, new attitude, new PROFESSIONAL personality facing the future !!!

Mona said...

i think u guys both,,,but waisin is the assistance,you are the boss ;)

---Olivia. JR--- said...

ehh bro, send me ur pic, lemme touch up a bit =p

RolexPhang said...

thanks olivia, i also know to do photoshop !!!...

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