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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On one unique day. 09/09/09.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thanks for your kind support to my blog. I knew all of you kept clicking in my blog often to see if i update anything or not. Sorry to disappoint you because i have been long time didnt update already. Its not because i have nothing special to share, indeed i have many things to share here, but, the reason is ............

Im not playing computer games all days and night, i just been pretty busy with this and that. What are those things? well, i think i dont need to list them out here. I guess you guys should know what i always busy with. Hahaha.

Today is a so-called unique day, im also busy with assignment !!!..didnt be able to anything special. BUSY BUSY BUSY..hahaha...Therefore, please pardon me for not sharing anything special here with you guys. Soon...soon..the exciting posts of mine will be coming soon.


Along with this unique day, and along with his unique birthday..therefore, i would like to share this little quick thing out. Hahaha.

Its our Marketing coursemates' pal, Mr Tecklim's birthday today. 9th September !!...Here is a small celebration of us 3 to him, NOT ON TODAY but few days back when i was in my hometown JB. Haha.

Pretty sick of Secret Recipe's cakes, buy a big one will be too much, buy only 4 pieces will be too less to make a round shape..At the end, we decided to buy 4 different brownies with ice-cream. Thanks for the staff to decorate the so-called birthday cake so nicely. Its pretty nice brownies actually !! could try. RM 7+ for a piece of brownies with one big scoop of icecream.

We are old already, therefore we were so chickened to sing the birthday song for Tecklim loud. Haha. There were kiddies there next to our table. Dont know why we were to thin-skinned to sing !!..hahaha..but we sang it so silently and softly.

Who are they who share the brownies? here they are.

SokFen and Kwangsoon. Who are the birthday boy? The one sitting in the middle whom you could barely see his small eyes. That's beloved Mr TeckLim. Happy Birthday to him in this special unique day. !!!

Talk about birthday, one more important man had his birthday recently on 1st Sept. That is Mr Waisin, aka my housemate, aka my roommate, aka my tablemate. Haha. If you guys keen to see what had happened on that day..Sorry guys i didnt be able to post out any pics here because i have not getting any pictures of that day yet. Happy Belated Birthday to him !!...

However, we went to the famous Look-Out Point at Cheras. WOw...what a nice place, i never thought Malaysia would have such a nice KL city night scenery. The place in on a hill, where we were having meals at the restaurant hillside. Nice place. Recommended you guys go there if you havent been. Strongly recommended if you want to go, BRING ME ALONG cos i want to go again. Hahaha. Im serious. Bring me, but i do not know the way and direction to go there.

That's all for today's post. I thought it will be short and quick post, but it seems like stil so lengthy. Haha. Wish you guys had a great unique special day today. 09/09/09 !!!

Phang !!!!


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