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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Durian Puff, Jusco and Ali Cafe, Bukit Indah !!

Hi guys,

Rolex is making some comments and introduction on food and drinks now !! is goona be informative and fun !!...just kidding...

Last week, errmmm..several days ago...went to Jusco Bukit Indah with my friend, a good friend BIG girlfriend of mine for a stroll at Jusco, hmm..not a stroll but actually to bring her to see a longgggg lost friend named Johhny Lan !!...had a great chat with him and she was so exciting to meet him though...drop that topic, i know you guys dont want to know those..

Now get to the point...My friend actually don't eat durian. She choses not to eat, not don't like to eat. However, i forced her to try this !!...This shop is a cafe, a simple cafe that sells drinks and cake/puffs/wafers and something something. Their new added menu is this............

Well, i had never eat something puffs stuffed with durian !!..last time i tried and i felt it was this time, as i said i forced her to try because i think it is worth of trying !!...yeah, RM5 you will get 6 pcs, however if you buy when their shop almost will get more !!
Here she is with the puff on her hand !!...look nice right? is cold...somewhat hard at the outside...
but then full of durian flesh in the inside...wu huuuuu !!..nice though..nice scent of original durian !!..however, worth of the price at RM5 for 6pcs lah..i believe in Kuala Lumpur or somewhere, there will be tastier and nicer !! JB, i saw only here sells durian puffs...

That's all for this uninteresting durian puffs if you happen to be hateful to durian !! hehe..

The next destination. Ali cafe, Bukit Indah !!

I heard from my junior Bob about this...he said, there were few Apple Pc for anyone to play..there was Wii for you to play as well..

Indeed those were true and are true after i see it with my eyes !!....The environment indeed superb !!...sorry guys, i didnt take many pics on this due to some problem with my slipper..i walked like a crippler, hence it was not convenient for me to give nice shot on the restaurant !!...HOWEVER, i have the solution for you guys to peep on it from other people's blog !!

See from Carlsamsudin !! <--click it !!..but promise me you will come back to my blog okay !!...

Me and my friend was so keen and fallen for the menu, staffs and surrounding. I felt so familiar with those things i see Malaysia !! Ali Cafe is a malaysia brand as well..

Since its restaurant, let me talk about the food and drinks !!

Drink first....plenty of drinks to be chosen from the menu, yet we ordered Guava Lemon (Left) and Cincau Lemon. Hmm, i never taste these two things in lemon before..Guess what, we both think IT WAS NOT NICE !!!..i shall admit, the combination is good, just not nice enough the drink !!..awful taste..guava not taste enough guava, my Cincau Lemon is not taste enough of the taste it suppose to taste !!...

Let's go to the menu and food.

I truly truly feel the menu is the BEST MENU i had ever seen in my life. So exciting and awesome name of food and the description!!..once again i must put my thumbs up !!..well done Ali Cafe !!...

One more thing, ALI CAFE really shows 1Malaysia spirit !!...the menu is so multi-racial !!..For example you see how they call Nasi Lemak in few types !!

Notice the description? Oh no, feel so Malaysia !!!...mix mix with our local, damm local jargons !!..

Three different types of Nasi Lemak with 3 terribly unique names symbolize 3 main races in our country with each race's specialty!!..

Sorry guys, i didnt order those nasi, cos i was too full..yet we ordered some snacks !! friend was attracted by the descriptions, not really from the name or pic !!

Yeah, something die die must try...something the son's favourite.....well, do you expect me to tell OHH, IT WAS AWESOMELY TASTY !!!??...well, we cant finish them !!.....errmm....die die must try, i think you will die faster !!! cos we felt it was tooooooooo oily, yeah i know it's fried mushroom and fries...but i dont know how to describe, the kind of oily is the kind you will feel...feel bored, cholesterol and dying soon !!..dying got blood pressure and high cholesterol..especially the mushroom !! wont feel the same at KFC or MacD....then the Curry Mayo, think it's unique? well, my friend said the mayo was just been simply mix and blend with the raw curry powder.. that's why you could feel the mayo with the sense of curryness inside !!...

HMmmmmmmm.........Ali Cafe huh !!!

3 mins after we arrived, my friend said " this place is so nice, i want to come back again"........i agreed !!!
3 mins after we eat the die dying mushroom and fries, again my friend said "the food and drink was not nice, i don't wanna come back here again"...again, i agreed !!!

You guys go try...maybe you have different experience..


Rolex !!!


keith said...

Hi! I work at durian puff shop. By the way, we are called "Taste Better", I am happy that you love our durian puff and even "forced" your friend to eat it. I think she wont regret it. :D
we also have location at Melaka jonker street, Miri Parkson, Kuala lumpur the mines selling oozing durian puff as well.

anyways, please let us link your blog post on our facebook page, thanks!

Cindy Low said...


I know another place where you could get yummy-licious durian puff. Have you heard of Verbana bakery shop in Kulai? They sell durian puff and it so delicious!

Anyway, i shall give "Taste Better" a try too!

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