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Friday, September 10, 2010

KevJumba in The Amazing Race 17 ~

Hi guys,

I have sudden a BIG, super big URGE to write about him !!...
Well, do you guys know him? OMG !!!....he is the very very very famous Kev Jumba who's very famous in youtube !! could google everywhere to know him !!...short but compact, he is a chinese who's in US, making himself so famous by making videos online !..his videos in Youtube were soooooooo hilarious. I think i am watching him growing up !!...

Here's a link, a youtube video that made me become his fan instantly !!. . this is a long ago published video of him which made him so famous back with over 2millions views ~~
Hilarious video about Asian people in US ~

Since then, i became his fan and watched and laughed almost in all of his videos in youtube.

NOW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I can't believe he is participating in The Amazing Race season 17 ~~~ yu hooooooo...i want to watch this season !!! he is participating with his famous dad..what a great team named Team Jumba ~~ hahaha..

here you are the video he admitted he participated after many speculations~~~

I support you Team Jumba !!!..

Hence, i searched as well if there is any videos on The Amazing Race 17 that have them. I FOUND ~~ found one official video by CBS about the teams..

Well, if you happen to watch this in youtube and able to see how people commented on the will be surprised, this official video by CBS that covers all teams...but now flooded by KevJumba's and his dad's supporters...errm, perhaps a little little haters !! hahhaa....if you wanna spot only Team Jumba, there are commentor at the video will tell you to skip directly to 2:30. Hahaha....

More of them !!! here you are ~

Pretty excited to hear this i need to find my ways to watch the season ~~

Well, its one of my dream as well to be in The Amazing Race too. I wish i could, but probably in The Amazing Race Asia ~~~ yet, i can't find any suitable team mate except him ~~ hahaha...

Hope you guys enjoy the videos !!!...Hope the first video that made KevJumba famous will attract you to watch him more...

Rolex ~~~


Anonymous said...

did you say "OMG!" to kevjumba?? are u freakin' gay?

RolexPhang said...

To Mr/Ms Anonymous,

Yea..i said OMG to Kev jumba..and i am not freaking gay ~~~ hahaha !!..

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