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Sunday, March 14, 2010

August Man~ Malaysia's Definitive Men's Journal ~

Its not my picture, its Rick Kwanten !!!

This is a magazine i bought probably 1.5 weeks ago. I took this magazine in handy without even considering the price !! Hahaha..there are few sentences swifted in my mind at that time.

Let me share them with you guys ~

" Wah sehh, who's this? so stylo and handsome..."
" Will i become as handsome as him if i read this magazine?"
"Malaysia's Definitive Men's Journal......wowwww, i like this sentence... i guess its time for me to upgrade my standard and start reading this kind of magazine..."
" i could learn the latest lifestyles, design and fashion men's clothing. That's so cool ~"
" i need something to read while i am sky gazing in the car, i can put this in my car. My good companion while im bored..."
"RM 10, so expensive !!! worth or not worth...worth or not worth?"

Hence, i bought it !! and it has never been taken out from my car, always reachable on my seat. I It really filled my boring and spare times when it comes to traffic light and waiting people.

However, until today..i only managed to read and flip not even half of the magazine !!! Haha...



d7 said...

hahahah i like the last mind's sentence!! lol
anyway, it becomes not worth when u only read it not even half of the mag.. haih!!

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